Comprehensive Guide on How to Disable Advertisements on Your YouTube Videos


YouTube is an internationally acclaimed video-sharing platform with millions of content creators publishing videos daily. As a creator, mastering how to disable advertisements on your YouTube videos is crucial for promoting an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Understanding YouTube Monetization

Before delving into how to turn off advertisements, understanding YouTube’s monetization structure is essential. When you join the YouTube Partner Program, your videos become eligible for monetization, which often involves showing ads to your viewers. In some case, you may decide to disable these ads.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Turn Off Ads On YouTube Videos

1. Opening YouTube Studio

Log in to your YouTube account, click on your profile picture, and select "YouTube Studio" from the drop-down menu.

2. Navigating to the Monetization Tab

Once inside YouTube Studio, you’ll see a panel on the left side of the screen. Here, click on the "Monetization" tab to access options related to your channel’s monetization.

3. Accessing Monetization Settings for Individual Videos

To turn off ads for individual videos, go back to your YouTube Studio dashboard and select "Content." You’ll find a list of all your videos. Here you can modify the monetization settings for each video individually.

4. Turning off Ads for Individual Videos

Click on the monetization icon (a dollar sign) next to the video on which you’d like to turn off ads. A window will appear that includes the "Monetization" option. Clicking it will lead you to a new window where you can toggle off the option for "Monetize With Ads." Finally, save your changes.

5. Turning off Ads for All Your Videos

To disable ads on your entire channel, go to the "Monetization" page from the dashboard, navigate to “Ad serving,” and then deselect the "Display ads" option. Press "Save" to apply changes to all your videos on the channel.

Remember, disabling ads will also disable revenue from those videos.

Why You May Want to Turn Off Ads

Different reasons may drive you to turn off ads on your YouTube videos. Here are just a few:

  1. Enhanced Viewer Experience: By disabling ads, you offer your viewers interruption-free content, which can help improve their overall viewing experience.

  2. Promoting Paying Advertisers: You may have a partnership with a brand or company that doesn’t want competition from other ads during your video.

  3. Non-Monetized Channels: If you’ve chosen not to monetize your channel, turning off ads will align with this decision.

A Word of Caution

While choosing to turn off ads on your YouTube videos can be beneficial in certain situations, ensure that you understand the impact it could have on your revenue generation capabilities through YouTube. It’s crucial to strike a balance between viewer experience and the necessity of generating revenue to support your creative efforts.


Understanding how to disable advertisements on your YouTube videos can not only enhance your viewers’ experiences but can also be a crucial aspect of your partnership contracts and overall monetization strategy. It’s important to remember that turning off ads will result in lost ad revenue – but it could be a strategic move depending on your specific circumstances.

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